We are spinning, though a few of us refuse to yield to the weather. Anyone can join us. We meet in the racket-ball court next to the erg room in Veale at:

5pm on Mondays
6pm on Thursdays
10am on Saturdays

For non-members 1 spinning session is $5 and $20 will cover you for every session. Students get their first session for free!


While the weather would suggest we are long past this point, it is almost winter. That means spinning. The club will have spinning sessions on

Monday at 5 pm
Thursday at 6 pm
Saturday at 10 am

Our spin room in in the lower racquetball courts next to the rowing erg room.

For the remainder of this semester these spinning sessions will be for club members only; however, next semester we will be opening these sessions up to the broader Case Western community for a small fee. The exact amount has yet to be decided though it is likely to be between $20 and $30. This post will be updated once the pricing for non-club members has been nailed down.